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How To Trademark Your Logo

If an image talks a thousand words, a Logo talks a million. The significance of branding your business is something you, as a service provider, should already understand. Your logo design, your motto, as well as your business’s name all play into your branding and is essential for your brand identity.

What if a different organization uses that your identity? They have your firm’s name, comparable logo design, or perhaps make use of the same memorable motto that your consumers associate with your firm. Currently, your target market and also customers will indeed be puzzled, which might lead you to lose out.

Obtaining your logo design trademarked will undoubtedly assist you in maintaining you secure from a range of various branding concerns, and also it can help you to prevent lawful issues. We’ve put together a necessary 5-step procedure that will certainly not just reveal you exactly how to obtain your logo design trademarked yet will certainly likewise assist you to see if trademarking is the appropriate choice for your firm.

Do Your Study

Investigating your alternatives before choosing on a business logo design, motto, or name is suitable as well as will certainly raise the probability that your brand name will undoubtedly be trademarked. To perform your research study, go to the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s data source to look for your business’s motto, logo design, and also name. If there is one more firm making use of the same brand name identification as your own, they can have legal rights to that logo design, name, and also motto.

The USPTO will certainly prefer whichever business was in the market older, regardless if this firm does not have anything trademarked. As well as if you do not do your research study, you might be responsible for problems if you mistakenly infringe on one more firm’s trademarked (or not trademarked) brand name.

Call a Lawyer

Since a legal representative will certainly assist you in establishing what the USPTO might or might not authorize, calling a lawyer before you finish your branding procedure is ideal. By executing a threat evaluation ahead of time, your lawyer will certainly assist you.

As a logo style firm, customers for logo design should be interested in the trademarking procedure. Having a lawyer in the logo style procedure will certainly assist shield your logo design from being considered as well comparable to an additional firm’s trademarked brand name.

Send an Application

Your lawyer will certainly assist you in sending your applications to the USTPO, which can obtain complexity as you do need to send a request for each part of your brand name you intend to trademark (business motto, logo design, or name). If you do not trademark it early on, it can be tough to close down a business that is infringing on your business name or logo design. It’s additionally vital to keep in mind that capitalization, as well as spacing of a business name, does not matter.

You need to study beyond the USPTO’s website. This is particularly vital for those firms that have not made a business sale yet– the USPTO will undoubtedly utilize your application declaring the day as your “initial day of business.” If you are developing a brand name, however, do not have evidence of business yet, sending a trademark mark application is one method to secure your logo design as well as the business name.

What to Do When Rejected

Your lawyer will certainly be able to aid you in developing a counter-argument if your application is rejected. You must remain to study beyond the USPTO’s website, which is one more reason that we suggest working with a lawyer before using to ensure that you have their legal help on standby as well as can act promptly.

Trademark applications can be denied for many factors. There can never be an “Oreos Photography” trademarked since Oreos are also well-known on their very own. Businesses like “Smith Family Gardens” and even “Smith Family Computers” can exist side-by-side in the USPTO’s eyes since neither is a renowned brand name. Also, they aren’t in comparable markets.

After Your Logo Design is Trademarked

When your brand name gets the trademark you used for, it’s crucial to proceed to shield your business’s identification. You ought to continue to examine your business name to be on the hunt for a comparable company that might be going across the trademark line.

Here at No Limits Media, we take lovely enthusiasm and also abilities to see to it your brand name is off to a great beginning. For queries, send us a message at sales@nolimitsmedia.com.

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