Discover the advantages of a
cloud phone system.

Our cloud phone system provides an all-inclusive communications platform for your business that makes it simple to manage your fixed and mobile phones.

Why Use a Cloud Phone System?

A cloud phone system is a full-service hosted business phone service that provides features including unlimited voice calls, instant messaging, presence, voice, video, desktop application sharing, and document sharing via contemporary desk phones as well as Windows, MAC, Android, and iOS applications.


Cloud phone solutions allow global redundancy and have no single points of failure, in contrast to a phone system in your building.

Up to date

You can access cloud phone systems at no additional cost, and they are frequently updated with new capabilities.


Telephony solution that is resilient and scalable

You can begin to enjoy a more affordable and adaptable service by switching from a regular phone service to a cloud phone system. Horizon’s innovative call management tools and expanded reporting capabilities can also help your business deliver better customer service and increase efficiency.

Designed to facilitate flexible working from home

The technology made available to your team can make all the difference because practices are under pressure to always appear accessible to their clients. To ensure that you never miss a call, Horizon connects your fixed and mobile capabilities. Calls may be transferred easily from one device to another without hanging up, and a single voicemail box can be accessed from any device. Callers simply need to dial one number to reach both your desk phone and your cell phone at once.

The recruitment of young talent

With millennials predicted to make up the majority of the workforce, it is crucial to offer the correct technology that suits their working style. In addition to calls, our cloud phone system includes video calling, ad hoc conferencing, instant messaging, and direct Outlook integration to share your availability.

Integrate your CRM to increase workplace productivity.

Integrator CRM makes users even more effective and productive by enabling instant access to contacts and direct dialing from your CRM system. Integrator CRM is compatible with over 20 of the best CRM packages, including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics.

One system to purchase despite multi-site deployment

Easily and affordably connect many sites with a single system. Calls may be effortlessly transferred to various locations, your company’s CRM and corporate directory can be integrated, and call schedules can be put in place in a matter of minutes.

Fixed price/budget-friendly solution

There are no hidden fees on your monthly bill because it includes unlimited calls to numbers beginning with 01, 02, and 03 as well as mobile numbers.

Get the ideal cloud phone system for your business.

Using our Cloud Phone System, we can assess your practice’s telephony services for free, helping you save money on communication while giving your team more flexibility.

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  • With our Business Internet, you can make sure you’re receiving the best speeds and the greatest internet service.
  • With our mobile service, you may add your mobile devices to the same account as your cloud phone system.
  • With our IT Support service, we can relieve you of the bother of managing your IT and communications.
  • Do you want to upgrade to Microsoft 365 or take the next step into the cloud?

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