Cloud to Cloud

Make sure that lost does not equal permanently when it comes to your practice data.To ensure that you can carry on with operations as usual in the event of data loss or a ransomware attack, we back up your cloud-based software apps to another cloud.

Why Cloud to Cloud backup?

The bulk of the suppliers you interact with are probably on the cloud, and if your practice is already utilizing it, your team probably depends heavily on it for communication, data storage, sales, marketing, and a variety of other tasks. In the event of unintentional deletions, former workers, or even criminal activity, cloud to cloud backup ensures that your practice data is backed up and easily available, enabling you to immediately restore accounts and data so that business can resume as usual.

Peace of mind

No matter how big a cloud provider is, you still need resilience outside of them. Cloud to Cloud backup duplicates your data safely within the US.

Ransomware Ready

Ransomware is always changing and can now attack the cloud. Your data is protected from these threats with cloud to cloud backup.

Stay Compliant

Retention policies should be used to ensure regulatory compliance and to prevent data loss in terminated subscriptions.


Safeguarding your cloud data

Designed expressly to safeguard the data in your Salesforce, Google Gsuite, and Microsoft Office 365 accounts.

Faster recovery

Start your first backup in 5 minutes, locate what you need quickly, and rapidly recover lost files.

Protect yourself from ransomware attacks.

With the help of three daily point-in-time backups, you can quickly restore your data to a period just before an attack.

Private and Secure Cloud Storage

Secure your data in a private, secure cloud that was designed with SOC 2 Type II certification and is located in the US.

Use private, encrypted cloud-to-cloud backup.

Speak with us right away to see how our cloud-to-cloud backup solution may help you protect your online services, such as Gsuite and Microsoft 365.

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