Track the output of your personnel, improve operational effectiveness, and bolster security

The greatest cloud-based solution for veterinary practices is provided by our software, whether you want to manage your remote workforce, assess and boost employee productivity, or safeguard your company’s assets and data from insider threats.

Why Employee Productivity Monitoring?

Our system was developed expressly to analyze organizational productivity patterns, you can use it to inform decisions about how to best utilize your employees. You can quickly produce reports to see how your staff members are doing both individually and collectively, when they are most productive, and who is accessing confidential information or engaging in unsafe behavior.

Investigate organizational productivity

Provide management teams the tools they need to find hidden productivity killers that your team and you might not be aware of.

Safeguard Resources against Insider Attacks

Regardless of whether your team works remotely or in a single location, you'll have the resources and knowledge necessary to stay in control of the situation.

Protect Assets from Insider Threats

To protect company assets and networks, be aware of who is accessing critical data and engaging in harmful actions in real-time.


Having confidence to permit your staff to work remotely

Offering flexible scheduling is a significant benefit for keeping your workforce content and attracting fresh talent. Consequently, the worry is that employees might become sidetracked and be less productive than usual. You can monitor and assess the output of your remote employees.

Recognizing the talents of employees

While our system can alert you when employees are underperforming, it also keeps tabs on when they are. For managers, having access to this insight is a priceless resource for reviews.

Increased output

You and your team may more efficiently arrange projects, meetings, and critical work at times of day that work best for them by knowing when your employees are at their most productive.

Find issues that require improvement

You can determine which team members are underperforming. You can identify a workflow problem and establish objectives to evaluate several productivity-boosting ideas.

Easily recognize hazardous behaviour and implement practice policies

You can automate the execution of your policies so that when a user engages in undesirable or risky behavior, Our system can set alarms, send messages, and record the activity without your intervention.

Learn how our employee monitoring system can help you.

Determine where there is room for improvement and how to increase staff productivity while enabling remote work.

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  • With our mobile device management, you can maintain control over your computers, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Do you want to upgrade to Microsoft 365 or take the next step into the cloud?
  • Use a password management application to eliminate the hassle and security risks associated with managing credentials.
  • With our IT Support service, we can relieve you of the bother of managing your IT and communications.

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