Are your practice credentials for sale on the dark web?

You and your staff have access to essential practice apps and internet services thanks to digital credentials like usernames and passwords. Digital credentials are unfortunately among the most valuable items on the Dark Web since thieves are aware of this.

Why would you need identity theft protection?

To locate, analyze, and proactively monitor the dark web for your business's compromised or stolen employee and customer data, our dark web analysts combine human and sophisticated dark web intelligence. We identify any credentials that may have been disclosed that could put your practice at danger and alert you in time.

Damage Reduction

We will be able to make the required improvements to lessen the likelihood of a system breach should your personal information become public.

Recognize Repeat Offender

Find out who in your practice is being scammed by identity thieves so you can inform them.



Network attacks may be unavoidable, but proactive monitoring of lost and compromised data enables you to react to a danger right away to save a significant breach.


The software offers strong reporting features to track and prioritize occurrences with 80,000+ hacked emails every day.

24/7/365 Surveillance

We cover all the bases, including peer-to-peer networks, social media platforms, black market websites, 640,000+ botnets, hidden chat rooms, private websites, and IRC (internet relay chat) channels.


Our collaboration with Dark Web ID gives us the insight to better secure you and your team by enabling us to spot market trends years before they become popular.

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  • With our cyber awareness training, keep your team one step ahead of cyber hazards.
  • With our Managed Anti-Virus, you can lower your chance of an IT disaster.
  • Check out our Disaster Recovery backup solution to make sure you have the last line of defense in place in the case of a disaster.
  • Use our Email Encryption service to securely communicate via email while protecting your private information.

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