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A cost-effective, subscription-based cloud service designed specifically for Businesses that combines the security of Windows 10 with the productivity of Microsoft 365.

Why Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is a collection of collaboration technologies that can help you run your business more effectively. It gives you access to the office suite and secure services like email and cloud file storage. It's a single, integrated technology solution created for expanding practices that will enable your staff to communicate, work together, and produce incredible results! Just a few advantages are as follows:

Scales with your practice

With Microsoft 365, you have the freedom to expand your practice quickly because it's simple to add and delete people, so it basically grows with you

Work from anywhere, anytime

As long as you have internet connectivity, you will be able to work from anywhere on any device.


Achieve more together

Along with people inside and outside of your practice, create, connect, and collaborate. With the help of Microsoft 365, your team can be productive every day, wherever they are. They may screen-share, collaborate in real time on documents using a virtual whiteboard, and instant communicate with other meeting participants to reach decisions swiftly.

Use any gadget to work from anywhere

On any Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android device, Microsoft 365 keeps your team in touch and productive when on the go. You can even auto-sync after working off-line on a laptop. Your staff will not only have access to the most recent version of each document, but they can also provide links that permit access from within or outside of your organization to particular individuals in order to share files or folders with them.

Protect your practice from external threats

Microsoft 365 is made to adhere to important compliance standards including GDPR, ISO 27001, as well as a number of standards relevant to certain industries. By using consistent security settings, your data is protected, allowing you to concentrate on your main business. Your practice’s risk profile will be reduced with automatic and widespread policy enforcement, even across personal devices used by your staff for work.

Improve practice efficiencies

Microsoft 365 offers a variety of tools to improve efficiencies and enable you to expand your practice, whether you are using Outlook Customer Manager to manage interactions with clients, streamlining projects using Microsoft Planner, automating workflows with Microsoft Flow, or managing appointments with Microsoft Bookings.

No contracts; only pay for what you use

Microsoft 365 offers affordable pricing as a subscription service, guaranteeing that you and your team are constantly using the most recent and secure versions of Windows 10 and Microsoft 365. There are no lengthy commitments because it is billed on a rolling monthly basis. It is made to be administered by you or a dependable partner, allowing you to scale as your business expands, save on capital charges, and gain the IT know-how you require to manage your practice more effectively.

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