Make your squad the first line of defense in cyberspace.
Your first and best line of defense against internet crime is your staff.

Give them the information and abilities they need to defend your practice and themselves from online threats.

Why Train in Cyber Awareness?

Nowadays, phishing emails will appear to be official email correspondence from a company or institution that your team is familiar with and confident in. A thorough strategy is needed to defend against these dangers, including the necessary staff education initiatives. We combine security awareness and phishing scenarios in the training we provide. We send dummy emails at random intervals, keep track of which employees click on them, who divulges their password, and who ignores them in order to evaluate how your company might react to a true phishing attempt. When a learning gap is found, we send interactive educational films to the people who have been determined to be most vulnerable. The instructional movies are brief, graphic, and simple to understand.


Since the training is taking place in real-time, your team is not needed to work outside of their regular duties.

Point out areas for development

It identifies your weakest link so you may concentrate on raising their awareness.


Time and money will be saved in your practice.

It can take more than 7 months to find and recover from a successful cyberattack. The impact on your company could be devastating at worst and expensive at best.

Being trained lowers errors and increases security

Staff members are less likely to fall for common scams after receiving training since they are aware of them, such as email attachments containing malware or phishing emails that steal personal information.

Create a Culture That Is Security-Focused

Also, your practice becomes less vulnerable as staff members start using secure passwords, marking questionable emails, and informing managers about strange activity.

Avoid downtime

It costs money and time to investigate and fix a cyber security incident. Your reputation may suffer as a result of the inconvenience for your clients and personnel.

Learn about the most recent cyberthreats that may affect your practice.

Make sure you and your workers are cyber-aware to gain some peace of mind. Download our Becoming Cyber-Aware handbook or register for a cyber awareness seminar.

Find out how else we can assist.

  • With our Employee Productivity Monitoring, you can make sure your team is consistently productive no matter where they are.
  • With the help of our identity theft protection service, keep an eye on your identities and passwords to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.
  • Use our Email Encryption service to securely communicate via email while protecting your private information.
  • With our Managed Anti-Virus, you can lower your chance of an IT disaster.

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