Gain from comprehensive personnel, data, and device security.

Take advantage of a cost-effective, subscription-based anti-virus solution maintained by our cyber experts to predict, recognize, and block cyber threats from entering your network.

Why Managed Anti-Virus?

The anti-virus software on your computers and other devices is installed and managed by us, and we make sure that scanners are current and scheduled for a time that is convenient for your practice. Veterinarian practices can depend on our partner Avast's integrated, enterprise-grade endpoint and network security solutions for better protection.

Safeguards you wherever

Your company's equipment will remain safe and current no matter where it is located.

Stay Compliant

Your managed antivirus program is regularly updated and adapts to new threats to ensure regulatory compliance.


Continually checking your system without slowing it down

Thorough but discrete. In order to enhance its effectiveness and save you time, Smart Scan has been developed to operate without slowing down your PC and to skip through non-vulnerable components of your systems.

Continuous management

Many users of unmanaged solutions disable antivirus software because they feel it slows down their computers or because they don’t think their usage practices jeopardize security. Managed anti-virus solutions are permanently deployed, ensuring that your computers are secure.

Your systems are actually safeguarded

The likelihood is that you will become infected at some point, regardless of how secure your systems are or the precautions you take to stop malware from entering. When you are, getting rid of the virus entirely can be challenging. Because of their training, our professionals can typically totally eradicate the infection without you even realizing it, guaranteeing that your systems are genuinely secure.

Threats are addressed right away

We continuously monitor your systems for threats. If a threat is discovered, it will be immediately quarantined, and we will be alerted so that we can work quietly in the background to eliminate the threat. This keeps your staff and you are working and safe.

With our Managed Anti-Virus, you can lower your chance of an IT disaster.

By scheduling a free IT assessment, you can start the process of having us manage the bother of your practice’s IT security.

Find out how else we can assist

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  • With our Cyber Awareness Training, you can keep your staff one step ahead of cyber hazards.
  • Learn how our Cloud to cloud backup may help you safeguard your online services, such as Gsuite and Microsoft 365.
  • With our IT Support service, we can relieve you of the bother of managing your IT and communications.

Let's Discuss!

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