Digital Marketing For Small Business: Why Is It Important?

Digital Marketing For Small Business: Why Is It Important?

The goal of every business or your company is to generate revenue, but how can they do that if the people don’t know you exist?

It is essential to market your business first before having any shot at turning to a profit and in today’s digital era, there is no better way to do that than having an online presence.

The internet is an ideal and cheapest way in reaching your ideal audience and where your competitors are taking advantage of it because it offers a wealth of options. To get ahead of them, you need to get into the basic foundation of digital marketing.

Digital Marketing is a broad topic but we break it down into some individual strategies. Here are the 4 top-notch digital marketing strategies that will help you thrive online

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is the most significant strategy in digital marketing. The goal of SEO is to optimize your website content to rank in organic Google search results so that people will find it in response to their searches.

Optimizing for Google rankings means designing your content to satisfy Google’s ranking algorithms, which take a variety of things into account when ranking web results. To start with, you can include specific keywords- search terms – in your content so Google knows which searches your content should appear in.

2. Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC)

In addition to aiming to reach the top of the organic rankings, you can appear at the top of Google search result pages with paid advertising – specifically, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

PPC is a strategy where you pay advertising platforms – Google Ads being the most common one – to display ads for your business above the organic search results. The ads look similar to organic results, save for the “Ad” label in the top corner.

3. Social Media Marketing and Advertising

Because of the pandemic, people nowadays are spending most of their time on the internet than before. That is why social media is a huge part of a successful digital marketing strategy. By this, I will have a big shot at reaching your target audience.

Social media marketing begins with setting up an account for your business, which you can do on one or more platforms. Some of the best platforms to market on include:

And more!

From your business social media account, you can post engaging marketing materials that encourage interest in your brand. Things like video graphics, or infographics explaining how your products work, are amazing ideas for content to post.

In addition, you can post organically (non-paid posts) and you can also take advantage of paid social media advertising.

4. Web design and web development

Ultimately, all your online SMB marketing is going to lead users back to one place- your website. That’s where you’ll make the final push for them to convert, so it’s critical that you hold your web design to the same standard as your other marketing strategies.

A variety of factors go into effective web design. To start with, you’ll need to use your site to brand yourself, with your chosen visuals and word choices communicating how you want users to view your business. You also have to optimize various technical features, though, including:

Page load speed
Clear navigation
And more!

You don’t want users to visit your site and then immediately feel compelled to click away, which is why it’s essential not to miss out on this strategy. Digital marketing for SMBs is all about convincing users that you’re worth buying from, and your site should reflect that.


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Cyber attacks are more common than you think and how you respond to one can be the difference between it being an inconvenience and a complete nightmare.