How Do You Know If Your Website Is Being Hacked?



While you started reading this, I assumed that you might notice something malicious on your site and that’s why you’re here to know the signs if your site is being hacked. The good news is, you came to the right place!

Like most businesses moving online nowadays, websites are the one you heavily depend on because it handles everything from marketing to e-commerce transactions and all other stuff in between. Many businesses leave their website vulnerable to attack because there’s a firewall around the webserver that will take care of your site. Many businesses are confident about it but I tell you, it’s not enough.

Most customers discover that their website is hacked on seeing the ‘Red Screen of Death’ by Google or when a customer tells them. Some have noticed that the website is behaving oddly, seeing spam content or malicious ads on the site, or perhaps have lost access to the WordPress website, or Google did block visitors from the site.

How Do You Know If Your Website Is Being Hacked?

We wish we could tell you there’s nothing to worry about, but the truth is it’s likely your website is hacked. This can be dangerous because it means your website has been infected for a long time and may have damaged your website’s reputation and privacy. The hacker can cause you several damages like they will run malicious activities like displaying spam ads and redirecting your visitors to unknown sites. This slows down your website, and worse, it gets you suspended by your host and blacklisted by Google.

But don’t worry, we can fix it! All you need to do is to calm down and call a technical expert team.

So, these are the classic signs of your site being hacked that you should not ignore:

  1. Your website redirects to an unknown site.

  2. Spam ads on your website displaying adult content, drugs, gambling, or any illegal activities.

  3. Your site is ranking for spam keywords in Google Analytics or any other SEO tool.

  4. Your visitors are being blocked by a Google warning such as ‘Site ahead contains malware.

  5. You’ve received an email from your web host that your site has malware present on it.

How do websites get hacked?

Without the use of some safety measures, hackers hack the websites usually. The webmasters are unaware of the reasons that someone hacked their property when they have put safety measures in place. The hackers have many ways in which they can get control of the website and some of the ways are:

  • The hacker easily guesses the password of your website.

  • The malware will be introduced to your PC to get the login details.

  • Hacking some other website that has shared-server with you.

You can also read our article here on what to do when you get hacked. 

To sum things up, it is easier to prevent hacking the website than to restore the website from scratch. Your website protection is a big responsibility only experts can deal with. One should not entrust a website to the first comer, but it is not advisable to neglect security either.


Find a solution in our care plans here all the right solutions to get your brand online safe and protected.

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