Web Design and Email Marketing Ideas for Progressive Businesses

Progressive businesses envision themselves as revolutionary and social reforming. We usually see these businesses dominating the industry online through their modern and sleek website. Below are some web design and email marketing ideas that make a company revolutionary in the online world.

Employ Psychology

In designing a website, consider your user- that is considering how a person behaves and how his mind works in maneuvering a website. Most people navigates a website the same way they do in a book, looking from left to write with a slight “F” shape to their reading process. For this reason, populate your page in an “F” shape, leaving the lower right corner open to just decorations, and notice longer visits on your site.

Develop Website Traffic Volumes

Website development, like design, is a crucial part in building a progressive online business. Make use of website analytics for ways to understand and optimize web usage. Through web analytic tools, you will see how web visitors navigate the site along with sales conversion data, and many other useful website information that will help you understand when and why a person decides to buy a product. These data will help you make the most of website features that attract sales or increase traffic.

Email the Right People

Email marketing was once a marketing tool used only by a few top names in the industry. Now, our inbox might be full of messages that contain all types of marketing emails like product promotions and even concert invitations. Approach smart email marketing by targeting a specific market that you know will open your emails and will consequently take action. Also, develop an attractive subject line to boost email viewership.

Use Colors on a Strategic Level

Don’t use any color just to make your website stand out from the rest. Be strategic and use your own brand colors that define your business and will give your site visitors the feel that they are indeed in the right place. Finally, do not forget the significance of social media when it comes to progressive business strategies. Businesses need to be present in social media where their customers are. It is an essential way to reach your customers, gain valuable insights, and grow your brand.

Marketing concepts continue to grow and develop as time goes by. We, at No Limits Media, keep and follow these marketing concepts as we design and develop your site and consistently refine it.

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Source: https://www.promotionworld.com/se/articles/article/170427-web-design-email-marketing-ideas-progressive-businesses

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