DIGITAL MARKETING IN 2020 | Why Do Small Businesses Need It?


While the coronavirus has spread uncontrollably and governments around the world are still trying to contain it by closing schools, public spaces, and borders, physical events such as business conferences, sporting events, and concerts have also been canceled. Some companies are encouraging employees to work from home. This has affected all businesses — and marketers need to adapt their digital marketing strategy. Now marketers are asking themselves “How permanent are these changes?”.

Hence, people nowadays opt to stay indoors and spend most of their time online — this has led to a change in their lifestyle. While marketers that are traditionally offline have innovated new products online in an effort to adapt to this new way of living. 

If the bigger companies want to become more productive in an increasingly digital world, smaller companies or businesses need to do a lot more.


According to the Small Business Administration (SBA) the United States is home to 28.8 million small businesses which accounts for 99.7% of all U.S. businesses. However, The Small Business Administration (SBA) indicates that America’s small business economy is growing although some small businesses may be growing at a slower pace due to lending challenges. Small businesses create two out of every three new jobs in America.  As a matter of fact, President Obama called small businesses “the backbone of our economy and the cornerstones of our communities,” and he discussed the importance of supporting them during these tough economic times.


Digital innovation can include a multitude of developments that businesses use to take advantage of modern technology. It could be investing in a media-specialist team or websites and other online digital forms. This opportunity is essentially endless.

Necessary skills that keep your business competitive are constantly evolving with great developments happening on the web and entire industries migrating online. In-depth knowledge of technology is very crucial. You need to have an IT support consultant or Media agency handling web development, data analysis, innovation strategy, and other similar tasks that have become the norm of the company big or small.


Just having an online presence and a website makes a business appear more trustworthy. Digital Marketing also allows small business owners to engage with consumers online, making it easy for them to reach out to potential customers and see what needs to be done to make a sale.

Having a cohesive digital strategy allows you to reach your target audience more effectively by utilizing productivity software that will help you reduce costs, improve customer service, and maximizing revenues.

If you are looking for a trusted Multimedia solutions partner, let No Limits Media serve your needs by utilizing one of our solutions to steer you towards success in the digital world.

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