Whether you’re looking to launch or revamp your company’s website, you’re probably wondering this all-too-common question — how much does web design cost?
Your business has just started gaining momentum and you are thinking: “I need a website for my business, but have a limited budget. What can I do?”

This is understandable. Because this is a time when your business is faced with all kinds of costs just to get off the ground. But it is also counterproductive. Your website can do a whole lot of cool stuff for you – not just bring in new business.

First, let me share with you things to consider why you should invest in new website design.

We all have belongings we hold onto for way too long; Things that are way past their prime but technically still function, so why bother replacing them?
In high school, it was a pair of shoes for me. Even though my laces were torn and the soles were filled with holes, I’d still put them on day after day. Eventually, I was forced to get a new pair and as soon I put them on, I couldn’t figure out why it took me so long to make the switch.
For many of us in the marketing world, our websites are those pairs of shoes. Even though our websites are outdated or could be performing better, we’re attached to them. We don’t want to invest in a website redesign — but face it, you probably need it. It pays off in the long run.


When considering a website, many business owners fall at the first hurdle, failing to understand what a website is even for. To properly make use of your website, you need to understand what it’s for, what it’s doing for you, and how you intend to use it. A website is there to bring more customers in from further afield; to give them an easy way to see your services at their own leisure; to give them the information they need, when they need it; and to present yourself in the way you want to be seen. Your website is your shop window, your marketing, your customer service, and your PR ambassador, all in one that can generate leads and sales. 


There are a lot of cheap Website designs saturated on the internet. Some of the small business owners tend to go for cheaper ones because of the tight budget and they think that rebranding a website is an expense and not an investment. So they might be looking for the most affordable web design company, without considering the quality they might be getting.

Also, they don’t consider websites to be an effective conversion tool. So, they are reluctant to spend much money on it. In reality, a small business website with the right features can bring you more customers than you would think. Selecting a cheap website design for a small business is one of the very common mistakes that Small Business owners make.
Cheap websites are often built by editing a pre-set template. They just change a few visual elements and pieces of content and they sell it as a brand new website. Building a website using templates is quite a common practice but its resulting website looks copied and unoriginal.

The real cost of doing a website redesign yourself is the time and hassle required. Generally speaking, the less money you spend, the more time and hassle you can expect to deal with to get the site how you want it — and it still won’t be exactly how you want it because custom work requires the ability to code.


The exact cost will vary and can be estimated only when all the requirements are clear. But don’t worry, our pricing is designed to fit any size budget whether big or small. Aside from providing our clients with the best service, we also focus on making sure its price is right and reasonable.

What sets us apart from most web design agencies is our approach that goes into building a powerful and effective lead generating machine for your business. Plus, we have decent years of experience in all areas of designing, content creation, and marketing to advanced tools that help with the entire process.

Working with us goes much further than design. The aesthetics are only a small part of web design. We will customize your website however you want and make it look flawless and professional. We spend equal time on the content, user experience, conversion rate optimization, and everything else that makes your website a valuable asset to your company. As a result, you get the kind of website that competes with the biggest brands in the world.




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Cyber attacks are more common than you think and how you respond to one can be the difference between it being an inconvenience and a complete nightmare.