Writing Your Business Proposal

Writing Your Business Proposal

With a great business, the proposal is crucial in the instant that you desire to be a prospering business owner. What exactly is this proposal? In a few words, the business proposal is a message that points out your edges against your competitors and the benefits your target client will have. Sending your proposal is a hit or miss once you consider the sales procedure.

Writing a proposal must be compelling and clear. If you fail to make this right, any prospect of a “yes” is already gone. Make use of the tips that follow to create an exceptional business proposal and seal your clients.

The Three Parts of the Proposal

Your proposal must be worthy enough of the client’s attention. So, your approach should identify solutions to your client’s most annoying problems. You must comprehend the dilemmas your prospects are facing, and just why you both should be partners.

You’ll find three general parts that need to be addressed while writing your business proposal:

  1. Needs of the clients
  2. Solutions you have
  3. Your management

Their Needs

The prevalent mistake writers commit a misunderstanding or overlooking the nature of the business the client owns. So, you must address some topics in the 1st part of your business proposal. These questions are likely what you should keep in mind: “What’s the greatest challenge this industry is facing?” and “What’s the current challenge this company is facing?”

Your clients should also have provided you with the answers to these critical questions at the same time:

  • When did they realize about this problem?
  • What were their attempts to solve the problem and were the results favorable?
  • What operations were affected, and can they assess the necessity?
  • What’s the most favorable outcome they expect from your joint project?
  • When do they want this project done?
  • Did they set a budget plan for this project?

The Solution

Carefully, you should also give a brief discussion of what your actions would you take and what results you would provide at the end of the project. Consider their needs. Cite relevant industry research and benchmarks. Be knowledgeable about any case studies or experiences with other business with their outcomes. Your method in addressing the necessity should be thorough. Consider every step and its value in the process. The potential results you are confident of producing and their influence on the needs discussed in one section. Elaborate why you could do the most exceptional job, that also mentions the advantages of partnering with you.



To finish writing your proposal, it’s also important to talk on the management area of your proposition, including Basic schedule and milestones, Budget or funding, and Contract Agreement.

Along with covering most of the three necessary parts, ensure to execute the following:

  • Think about the modes of expressions and the usage of words and phrases by your client.
  • Identify cultural or emotional conditions that could disrupt communication.
  • Your best picks are short and simple sentences. Don’t resort to long, complicated paragraphs with lots of jargons.
  • Visual representations will help your client get a deep understanding, so use those charts and tables.
  • Get it to proofread and clean those grammatical errors, misspellings, and even misused punctuations. Don’t let a simple mistake undermine your seriousness for the project.

Before showing your clients your business proposal, keep in mind that they are eager to learn what your proposition can do for them. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have the chance to write them the business proposal in the first place. If you are interested with getting to know No Limits Media in the future, send us an email sales@nolimitsmedia.com. We are limitless in terms of solutions for all your needs!


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Cyber attacks are more common than you think and how you respond to one can be the difference between it being an inconvenience and a complete nightmare.